My Vallonia: The Basement Sink

You know when you buy an old house and it has all sorts of “surprises”? Little nooks and crannies, unusually placed closets, drawers or doors… you know, fun stuff? 

Well, we didn’t get too many fun surprises when we bought our home… it’s been in our family for probably around 20 years… but we did start seeing things differently, like the basement. What was, for my grandparents and sister, a storage area and tornado shelter/canned food cellar, I now see a future play room or hang out space for my kids in one area, a craft/office area for me… a tornado shelter (did I mention we’re in Missouri?) and who knows what else. 

So, suddenly the things that weren’t my problem, are, now, my problem. 

Case and point… this sink:

I really don’t remember if my grandparents used this sink on a regular basis. I’d guess they did.  They gardened. And their washer and dryer were right next to this sink. 

My sister didn’t use it at all. She didn’t really have a reason to, and she was too busy to spend the time cleaning it. 

And it’s just been sitting there for a while, forgotten about. The house was empty for a while after my grandparents and before my sister. A constant dripping faucet, a few nails that had fallen into the sink… the squirrel who found its way into the basement but not out…. 

I had poured bleach into the sink and let it sit there for three days. Nothing happened. Bleach, folks… undiluted, straight from the bottle, a whole gallon of bleach did nothing to help this beautiful (I promise it really is beautiful under all that crud) sink. 

Enter this bottle:

I couldn’t believe what happened. Within seconds of me pouring this purple magic onto the sink it the foaming, fizzy bubbles started lifting the crud. The rust and hard water scales were literally floating to the surface. I took my wimpy green little scrubbing pad and went over the whole sink for about 5-10 minutes… rinsed and Bam! 

Considering where I started, I was more than impressed! I did use the whole bottle, and why wouldn’t I, seeing how much the bleacher didn’t do for the sink. In reality, I probably could have been a little more conservative with the Lysol and had enough for a second round. But no worries. I will go get another bottle and see if I can clean up the rest… hence the “part I” in the title of this post! 

Stay tuned!

*This post was originally published on my previous blog: My Vallonia

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