Keto Bears and Monkeys and Penguins… Oh My!

A month ago we took the plunge… the Keto plunge… well, actually the MAD (Modified Atkins Diet) plunge, but it is a diet with the goal of getting a person into ketosis.

It’s been a challenge. Not the ketosis part, no, that wasn’t too hard to achieve… but the meal part. For all six of us.


B’s neurologist had suggested trying the Keto diet to help get seizures under control. I was unsure of the realisticality (sure it’s a word ) of it for a family of six. We’d heard of other families having success with MAD, and found it to be a little less daunting. So we’re giving it a shot.

B is allowed 10 net carbs a day. That makes all of those super yummy Pinterest recipes almost impossible… get the tiniest bit too much of the “serving” and he’s gone over his limit for the day.

We cleaned out almost all of the non-low-carb foods from our house when we started, but left a few “treats” for our three girls to have while B is napping.

But today was the day the plan went awry. The bag of mini Hershey bars got left out on the table and B wandered in and helped himself. The girls were pretty upset they’d made the mistake. So was he when I took the candy away… since he’d already gotten more than a taste.

So… I set off on a mission to make some candy for all of us to enjoy! I knew I needed something with virtually zero carbs, and these are the results!

I got these cute little Candy Molds from amazon.

My recipe:

4 squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate

1/4 C coconut oil

1/2 stick of butter

10 t Swerve confectioners sugar.

I melted the chocolate, oil and butter in the microwave, then added the Swerve to taste. While I maybe could have handled less… this is for a 2-year-old… and his choclohaulic big sisters.

I used the included dropper to fill the molds, froze for about 15 minutes and popped them out into a Tupperware Freezermates container and stored them in the freezer!

My recipe made 160 of these little guys… plus two of the worms that were in the molds. That’s 0.04 carbs per piece! 25 candies for 1 carb!


*This post was originally published on my previous blog: The Mom Strong Life

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