My Vallonia: adding to curb appeal… and less mowing!

We have this little strip of land between the sidewalk and the road. It’s not much, but it’s just awkward enough that it’s not the perfect width of a lawn mower, so it requires a little wiggling to get it all mowed. And it is a collection spot for those little gum balls (or pokey balls as my daughters call them) that fall from a tree in our yard.  We decided almost immediately that we wanted to do something to that strip. We thought of phlox, but until those really take off, they are a little straggly and let the weeds through. So, the hubs decided that rainbow rock was the way to go! 

Loooooots of digging later, we got most of the dirt removed and laid down some rubber scraps we’d found in the basement. 

Unfortunately, the husband had to go out of state for quite a few days due to a family illness, and let’s face it… this wasn’t a job that I had the muscle to do alone. So we waited till he got back and then tackled it again. 

…as a family. 

We ended our strip by putting in some bricks.

Finally finished!!! 

One more box checked off on our very long to-do list to fix up the Vallonia and make it our own! 

*This post was originally published on my previous blog: My Vallonia

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